Transform Your Interior into a Summer Oasis!

With the Glam Posters team, we have prepared an inspiring guide for you on how to easily transform your home for summer. Just by adding a few accessories, you can feel the refreshing energy of summer and create a true oasis of peace and relaxation in your own home. Immerse yourself in the summer atmosphere with our tips!


Step 1: Add a Touch of Warmth to Your Interior

Summon the rays of the sun and the atmosphere of a Balinese resort by adding accessories in warm shades. Look for accents in peachy pink or warm beige. Combine these colors with a delicate creamy hue to achieve the trendiest effect. These warm tones will bring a sense of coziness and extraordinary warmth to your interior, transporting you mentally to exotic vacations. If summer had a color, it would probably be peachy. What color do you associate with this season?


Step two: Bring freshness to the interior with plants.

During the summer, we spend time surrounded by nature, so plants are the perfect addition to a summer interior design. Expand your collection of indoor plants and create a beautiful oasis of relaxation in your home! The green color will add freshness to any composition, positively impacting your mood and creating a sense of relaxation. If you want to achieve a summer atmosphere, opt for plants associated with exoticism, such as palms, banana plants, or cacti. Or perhaps you are more fascinated by the Italian ambiance? In that case, we recommend small olive trees or lavender.

The cherry on top of a summer interior will be fresh flowers in a vase. Eye-catching floral arrangements will not only liven up your interior but also fill it with beautiful scents. Each month of summer is an opportunity to experiment with different flower species. May and June bring peonies, July brings blooming cornflowers, and August offers lavender and sunflowers. Share your favorite flower species with us in the comments!




Step three: Embrace natural accessories.

If you dream of a summer sanctuary of relaxation in your home, swap velvet pillows for light and natural fabrics. You will immediately feel the pleasant freshness infused into the interior. Natural accessories will add coziness to your home and make you feel more connected to nature. Draw inspiration from materials such as linen, wood, rattan, or clay. Remember, you don't have to redecorate the entire apartment - simply changing or adding a few accessories will achieve a beautiful and natural effect.

Do you already have natural fabric accessories in your home? Or do you prefer a different style? Share your opinion in the comments!

We hope that our guide on how to transform your interior for summer has inspired you to make changes and create a magical summer atmosphere in your home. If you enjoyed our tips, be sure to share this post or let us know your feedback below!









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