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Shipping Infomation

  • Order preparation time 1-2 days
  • Free shipping for all orders of 69€ or more
  • Shipping tracking number will be provided
  • We ship orders with Frames only to EU countries

Shipping Cost & Delivery Time

Country CostDelivery time
Germany4.90€1-2 days
temporarily unavailable 
temporarily unavailable 
Sweden10.90€2-3 days
Norway7.90€ (customs duties may occur)2-3 days
2-3 days
2-3 days
Austria5.90€2-3 days
Switzerland8.90€ (customs duties may occur)3-5 days
3-4 days
France5.90€2-3 days
Spain6.90€3-5 days
Italy6.90€3-4 days
Belgium5.90€2-3 days
United States8.902-3 days
Australia19.00€2-3 days


Returns And Exchanges

  • Easy return within 30 days
  • See conditions and procedure in our return FAQs
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